General Contractor
Final Client

The supply includes the provision of project services and design of type schemes for Command and Control cabinets and protection cabinets, the SE 220/60kV and SE 60/30kV in Waku Kungo – Angola.

System Description

SE 220/60 kV

SE 60/30kV

For this project the following equipment was used:

For this project the following equipment was used:

Control Units per panel – C264 “Bay Computer” Alstom:
Line Protection Units – Line Differential Protection P545 and Distance Protection P444 Alstom;
Transformer Protection Units – Transformer Differential Protection P643 Alstom;
Protection Units “back-up” – P142 Alstom;
Auxiliary relays Trip and multiplication –Arteche, RF-4R, RJ8, BF-4D and RD-2R;
Current and voltage test blocks – Entrelec – Essailec.

Description of Activity

The ENGIPROT team was responsible for the design and preparation of the schemes, and in final send to client in digital format (PDF and AutoCAD). In this context we analysed the customer's specifications and documentation, we proposed solutions which best fit the specific situation

Customer Benefits

With the inclusion of ENGIPROT in this project the ALSTOM | Grid ensures the realization of the schemes type and the implementation of best practices the current state of the art, in term of protection systems, command and control, and the correct interaction between equipment (signals, commands, blocks and trip), and security of people and goods.