Final Client

Scope of Supply

The scope of supply included the provision of configuration, parameterization, testing and commissioning services for 3 RTUs, composed of a capacitor bank, transformer reducers, and several outputs, installed in existing substations.

Overall System Architecture


System Description

In the settings and test was included the following equipment:

  • 1 UC500;
  • 1 GPS HOPF 6844 RC;
  • 20 ISKRAS 540 E 516;
  • 1 MODEM MIU 202T;
  • 4 UNIDADES DE AQUISIÇÃO 3100B com respetivas entradas (3020), saídas (3050) e medidas (3080).

Activity Description

The ENGIPROT team was responsible for analyzing the existing Rtu configurations and adapting them to the functionalities required by the end customer. In addition, it analyzed the parameterization study of the equipment and performed its configuration.

On the construction, the ENGIPROT team performed all functional tests, in the presence of SEC supervisors, under coordination of Naizak (the intermediary company) using Omicron secondary test equipment.

Customer Benefits

With the inclusion of ENGIPROT in the team of commissioning tests Naizak ensured a precise realization of commissioning tests, allowing the reducion of the final project completion.