Final Client

Scope of Supply

The supply includes the provision of research services, configuration, parameterisation, testing and commissioning of a substation Mobile in Costa Rica with voltage levels of 230 / 34.5 kV, substation consisting of a command and control system EFACEC, ABB and EFACEC protection relays.

System Description

The settings and test was included the following equipment:

Command and Control System:

    • 1 UC500E EFACEC;
    • 1 BCU 500 EFACEC;
    • 1 Switch’s MOXA, ), with star connection for all equipment’s;
    • 1 GPS HOPF, installed in the control cabinet

Protection Relays

    • 1 Protection Relay to Transformer ABB RET 670, as Transformer protection (Differential Transformer);
    • 2 Protection Relay to line EFACEC TPUS420, as protection of arrival and one output;
    • 1 Regulator Voltage Automatic EFACEC TPUTC420;

Description of Activity

The ENGIPROT work team was responsible for implementing the settings in factory in all system to command and control and protections the mobile substation, implementation and testing of all systems and putting into service, It was also carried out all the necessary paperwork and delivered to the end customer (Specifications and protocols, etc...).

The ENGIPROT work team held all functional tests of command and control and protections, commissioning of all cabinets and respective integration with the equipment, in the customer's presence.

Customer Benefits

With the inclusion of ENGIPROT in the team of commissioning tests EFACEC assured the achievement of factory tests and all commissioning work, and ensured the entry into service of mobile substation with all systems up and running.