Final Client

Scope of Supply
The supply included the analysis of the existing situation and the development of a technica report on the problems found, along with proposed actions for solving them. Our work was focused on Control and Protection System configuration, operation and reliability. Additionally, overall grid operation procedures and incident reports were evaluated.

System Description
The Benguela-Lobito electric grid is a large size electric island, with a peak demand around 120 MVA. Generation sources are thermal (diesel power plants) and hydric. The grid includes transport levels of 220 kV and 150 kV, and distribution levels of 60 kV, 30 kV and 20 kV. The following diagram shows the existing network.

ENGIPROT was part of the QUADRANTE auditing team, and performed an extended site survey for gathering information and operation records from the generation plants, step-up transformer stations, transport and distribution substations. During the time on location we also obtained valuable hands-on technical feedback from the teams of all companies involved in the electric grid operation in the Benguela-Lobito area in Angola: PRODEL (generation), RNT (transport) and ENDE (distribution).

The main goal of the audit was to provide expert insights on the existing equipment and network operation methods, and to identify the causes for the successive blackouts in the area.

A vast collection of operation and incident reports were analysed and summarized in statistical maps, to produce clear and objective diagrams that supported the conclusions.

As a result, a detailed report was produced, detailing the audit findings and conclusions. Also, a listing the necessary actions to improve overall efficiency and reliability was included in the report.

Customer Benefits
By having ENGIPROT as part of the consulting team, QUADRANTE was able to provide to their customer with a complete technical evaluation on the Control and Protection Systems and Grid Operation Methods, benefiting from ENGIPROT’s expertise that includes extensive knowledge of the electric sector in the Portuguese speaking countries: Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.