Scope of Supply

Technical audit of all High and Medium Voltage protection settings for Sines refinery from GALP.

Short circuit and arc flash calculation and reports.

Technical and economic feasibility studies to improve the refinery electrical network.

System Description

Galp refinery in Sines is a heavy industry, with more than 40 years in service, 34 processing units and 320 ha area.

More info:

The refinery has a large and complex electrical network, at Very High Voltage, High Voltage and Medium Voltage. It has a co-generation unit (with capacity to island the refinery or to sell energy to transmission network) and turbo generators to support the demand. It has also several load types, including large motors.

During the life cycle, several extensions and modifications were made on electrical network.

Due to all these factors, GALP has decided to make a general analysis on protection systems and respective settings, short-circuit calculation and arc-flash study to improve the reliability and protection of the network and personal safety.

Description of Activity

ENGIPROT work team was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Update the refinery model (ETAP model)
  • Perform a short-circuit and arc-flash study, considering several operation scenarios.
  • Develop a unique protection philosophy for the entire installation, reviewed the protection settings to check selectivity and improve operation levels.
  • Document benefits and propose investments to improve the network protection and flexibility
  • Perform a technical and economic feasibility study to implement several improvements

Customer Benefits

With the ENGIPROT report, GALP Maintenance / Reliability team has a guideline and better knowledge of the present protection system and potential solutions to improve the overall electrical network.