Scope of Supply

The supply includes the services of change tracking of parameterization, collection of installation elements for the analysis of incidents, audit of the command and control system and installed protection, and reporting with conclusions and suggestions for improvement.

System Description

The audit focused on the Command and Control System and Protection of substation 60/15 kV Polivouga, composed mainly with INGETEAM equipment.

Description of Activity

The ENGIPROT team was responsible for examining the existing settings of the protection relays and your validation taking into account the changes in the upstream network.

The ENGIPROT also made the analysis of the existing functionalities, availability of operation records and historical the occurrences.

Based on this analysis the ENGIPROT prepared an audit report listing the conclusions of the audit, and noting the situations where there is a need to increase the functionalities of Command and Control and Protection System with a view to increasing its functionalities and ease of operation.

Customer Benefits

The experience of ENGIPROT in this type of analysis allowed to the client get a new perspective on the behaviour and features of the installation and the impartial identification of improvement points in this installation and future installations of the same type.