Final Client

Scope of Supply

Commissioning support for K30 220/66/23 kV substation for ANDE, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

System Description

Breaker and half substation at 220 kV level, with:

    • 5 x 220 kV lines
    • 1 x 220/66 kV Transformer
    • 1 x Busbar differential
    • 1 x 66 kV line
    • 1 x 66/23 kV transformer
    • 1 x 66 kV bus coupler
    • 1 x 66 kV busbar differential

Description of Activity

ENGIPROT work team was responsible client supervision and support for protection and control system. The commissioning tasks were performed by ANDE

Customer Benefits

With the ENGIPROT support, the final client was able to conclude the commissioning and put in service an important substation for Paraguay transmission network. The ANDE knowledge of the scada and protection system and procedures was highly improved, and ANDE is now much more self sufficient for future similar projects.