Final Client

Scope of Supply

The supply includes the provision of research services, configuration, parameterization, and factory tests, with Protections Siemens for the rehabilitation of Hydroelectric Power Plants in Mavuzi and Chicamba, Mozambique, composed of two arrivals transformer and 3 outputs in Chicamba (22kV), 4 arrivals and 3 outputs in Mavuzi (6.6kV)

System Description

The settings and test was included the following equipment:

    • 7 Protection Relay Siemens 7SJ80, to the cells of 6.6 kV (Mavuzi);
    • 5 Protection Relay Siemens 7SJ80, to the cells of 22 kV (Chicamba);

Description of Activity

The ENGIPROT work team was responsible for implementing the settings in factory conducting on-site testing and adaptation of all settings and parameterization in order to features required by the costumer.

The ENGIPROT work team held all functional tests on protection functions using equipment OMICRON 356 secondary assays.

Customer Benefits

With the inclusion of ENGIPROT in the team of commissioning tests EFACEC assured the tests in parallel with the remaining commissioning activities, allowing the reduction of the final project completion deadline.