Final Client

Scope of Supply

The supply includes the provision of configuration of parameters final, testing end-to-end of the line differential protection and supervision of Line Panel Protection System commissioning 400 kV Pedralva 2, encompassed by the contract for supply of the Switching Substation 400 kV of Vieira do Minho (REN), National Grid.

System Description

The settings and test was included the following equipment:

  • 1 Protection Relay to Line, Differential Protection SIEMENS 7SD 523;
  • 1 Protection Relay to Distance SIEMENS 7SA 612;
  • Bar Differential Protection System and Breaker Failure SIEMENS 7SS 52x.


Description of Activity

ENGIPROT work team was responsible for the following tasks: ENGIPROT foi responsável pela configuração dos parâmetros finais das proteções de acordo com o estudo de coordenação da REN,ensaios de verificação funcional da função diferencial de linha extremo-a-extremo e supervisão da colocação em serviço do painel.

Customer Benefits

With the implementation of these services by ENGIPROT, EFACEC assured the tests in parallel with other ongoing activities by their own teams EFACEC, allowing the completion of work on the date requested by the client.