Final Client

Scope of Supply

Reactive power compensation for Luanda district.

System Description

The goal of the project is to improve the voltage levels on Camama, Futungo de Belas, Cacuaco, Filda, Cassaque e Zona económica regions, with the installation of capacitor banks.

For that, was defined 8 substations where are installed 14 capacitor banks of 10 MVAr at 60 kV, and 5 substations where are installed 10 capacitor banks of 5 MVAr. The substations where capacitor banks are installed already exists, so it is required to extend systems of different manufacturers and generations.

Activity Description

ENGIPROT work team was responsible for complete management and execution of engineering services for protection, automation and control for capacitor banks.

The project was developed from scratch, including the following macro tasks:

  • Conception of the solution for protection, command and control
  • Engineering documentation
  • Electrical project for protection, automation and control cabinets
  • Devices factory configuration and test (FAT)
  • Commissioning and site tests (SAT)

Customer Benefits

For direct client, to order a service turn-key engineering solution to ENGIPROT, it frees internal resources to other projects, increasing its delivery and its turnover.

To the electrical grid, due to reactive compensation on key substations, it allows to increase the transmission and distribution capacity on existing lines, and still improve the voltage profile.