Final Client

Scope of Supply

Electrical studies for Morgavél photovoltaic power plant, in Sines region.

System Description

The Morgavel photovoltaic power plant has a licenced power of 48,9 MVA (49 MWp), and 9 inverters of 3437 kVA each. The voltage at interconnection point is 60 kV.

Description of Activity

The ENGIPROT team was responsible to develop the following electrical studies:

  • Calculation of short-circuit currents
  • Study of power-flow
  • Report to verify the grid-code compliance, on stead state and dynamic case (DL 73/2020)
  • Protection Coordination Study
  • Grounding validation
  • Study of Risk and Probability of Lightning

Customer Benefits

The studies developed validate the design and equipment ratings on power plant, optimizing its operation, to improve the voltage profile and minimize electrical losses. Also reduced the construction costs, complying with regulations and international standards.

The grid code compliance study allowed to complete the technical process required by grid operator, to connect the power plant to electrical grid.

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