Scope of Supply

Parameter settings and final testing of the ABB REF 620 Interconnection Protection Relay, before transfer to offshore location and connection to grid.

System Description

CorPower Ocean is a Swedish company that develops wave energy projects, whose novel resonant Wave Energy Converter (WEC) technology is in the final stages of tests, demonstration and certification.

The Stage 4 demonstration and prototype certification of on full-scale C4 WEC unit will take place in offshore of Aguçadoura, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

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Activity Description

ENGIPROT team was responsible for the following tasks, related to the ABB REF 620 that will implement WEC electrical protections:

  • Configuration revision and suggestions for improvement;
  • Parameter setting of protection functions, according to client requirements;
  • Protection function testing;
  • Test protocol and report.

Dado que a ABB REF 620 escolhida utiliza Entradas de Sensores de Baixa Tensão para as medidas de corrente e tensão, a ENGIPROT construiu um kit de ensaios especializado para estes trabalhos.

Customer Benefits

ENGIPROT team’s know how on different protection relays, allowed the client to have Portuguese based resources available for equipment configuration, setting and testing, avoiding the need to displace a team from abroad to perform the necessary works.